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Our Clients Are Barking About Us Our Clients Are Barking About Us
Fred B. Testimonial

"We signed up for puppy training but, in fact, we needed owner training. Stacy is so patient and attentive to both the dog's and owner's needs. Success for everyone!"

Fred B.

Hal M. Testimonial

"Our Cooper is a very high-spirited dog, but Stacy created an atmosphere of relaxed focus that helped channel his abundant energy in a positive direction. If and when we get another puppy, we'll definitely come to Stacy for training."

Hal M.

Lis F. Testimonial

"Stacy's class gave my puppy a great foundation and gave me many creative solutions to behavioral problems, especially preventative measures to make sure we don't have problems! My puppy REALLY enjoyed the training, new experiences, and especially playtime! Her early socialization has made her such a joy to be around!"

Lis F.

Marshall H. Testimonial

"Stacy is not just an excellent dog trainer; she obviously puts so much care into her work, both the pups and the humans feel quite comfortable! The experience of Stacy's classes offer learning and tools for a quality owner-pet relationship. These benefits will enrich that relationship for life."

Marshall H.

Thomas W. Testimonial

"Stacy was and continues to be an integral part of our puppy training. She has clearly and concisely walked us through each step of the training of our new puppy. I don't know what we would have done without her."

Thomas W.

Marshall H. Testimonial

"My puppy, Halo, and I both had so much fun in Stacy’s class! I especially appreciated Stacy’s patience and kindness. Her positive approach extends to humans as well! If I get a puppy in the future we’ll definitely go to Stacy."

Patryce E.